Sinusitis (Infection of Air Cavity): How Can One Know About It

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When there is an infection in the air cavity because of any infection, allergy or chemical irritants then one can say that there is a problem of sinusitis. The person sometimes ignores its symptoms and leads to the upper level of the symptoms that convert the acute to the chronic one. We can classify the sinusitis in as acute, sub-chronic, chronic, infected and non-infected.

One must not ignore the symptoms of sinusitis to reduce the risk of related issues like meningitis, brain abscess, osteomyelitis. Bacterial and fungal infections are also responsible for the sinusitis. Doctor advice and proper treatment can make the person free from this health issue.

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According to the research most of the people don’t transmit sinusitis to another but in rare cases, it can happen. So, we can conclude that sinusitis is not a contagious disease. When a person suffers from sinusitis the major symptoms that helps alarming sign are mild fever with a running nose, cough and the most important is the pressure in the sinus cavity.

Here are some of the symptoms that help in diagnose that you are suffering from a sinus infection.

  • Bad breath
  • Headaches
  • Yellowish-greenish nasal discharge
  • Coughing
  • Puffiness around the eyes

There are four pairs of the sinus in the human body. These are basically the air cavity through the passage of nose. Most of the patents have the symptoms at the same time while others can have intermittent.

Signs and symptoms of sinus infection:

  • Headaches are the common symptoms in sinus infection and this is because of the pressure in the sinus cavity due to blocked sinus. Patient experience more headache when bending downwards.
  • Swelling in face and tenderness when the area of the sinus is touched
  • Pain and pressure due to the pressure of mucus that also causes the inflammation in the sinus
  • Congestion the feeling of the nose stuffiness and this symptom is seen in both infectious and non-infectious sinusitis
  • In bacterial infection, it is seen that cloudy discolored discharge secretes from the nose.
  • Tooth and ear pain occurs due to the pressure in the surrounding nerves and tissues
  • Bad breath is in those patients who suffer from the bacterial infection
  • In noninfectious sinusitis, there can be itching in eyes and sneezing is common in both infectious and non-infectious sinusitis
  • Due to rare fungal infection, there can be ulceration and in this case, there is quick need of medical evaluation
  • When these symptoms go on for several months then this can turn acute to chronic sinusitis

After getting to know all the symptoms associated with the sinusitis never get too late to reduce the symptoms to avoid going at the higher level of issues.