Social Anxiety & Juicing the Jitters

Do your hands tremble when you are facing a large number of people? Does just thinking of mingling give you the shivers? Have you entered a room, with people suddenly staring at you, and wished that you were far away? You can search anxiety near me to treat it.

Then, welcome to the club – you’re suffering from social anxiety! Many suffer from it (around 40 million people, in the US alone). However, it’s not the number of people who suffer from social anxiety that matters. What does matter is the intensity of the phobia in your own situation. If your social anxiety is to intense it can become a major psychopathological disorder that may even become chronic, and disrupt your peace of mind, work, relationships, and even your very lifestyle.

Some of the disorders that are linked to this phobia include PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), OCD, depression and others. However, continuing in this line will only lead to more confusion about your troubles. So let’s start over slowly, and see what characterizes socially-anxious people.

If you ARE one of these worthies, you may:
Easily shy away from conversing with strangers.
Fear that someone may draw attention to your drawbacks, even if there is no cause for this fear.

Don’t take too kindly to new experiences or surprises (bungee-jumping in front of the instructor, who you just met and don’t want to scream in front of? No, thank you!)

Have physical reactions to trying situations (including sweating, trembling, blacking out, crying, and so on)
Indulging otherwise to compensate (there is an unfortunate link between social anxiety and alcohol abuse)
Remember, unless you are harangued by bouts of anxiety and worry, and therefore need to consult pharmaceutical and professional help, there is no reason to fear. You can learn how to cure social anxiety. Mental pains are exactly as their name goes – they’re produced by your mind. And being mildly affected by how others may think of you is the product of your own thinking – after all, how do you know the subject of their thoughts?

The main thing is to go on living your life, the one you were born with, and feel empowered by the fact that you alone are in charge of your decisions.

Here’s how to cure social anxiety, in the following manner:

The first step is to calm down. Take a deep breath. The important thing is to be able to think clearly.

  • Try not to procrastinate with experiences. Regret is far worse than being exposed to people’s opinions.
  • Take small steps. For example, you are required to talk to many people, you don’t need to maintain direct eye-contact – just be comfortable with looking slightly over their heads. This is an example of Cognitive Brain Theory, where you work through your fears slowly but surely.
  • Sit with someone you trust, and work with them to figure out what actually caused your anxiety.
  • Consume lots of leafy green veggies and less caffeine. You’ll rid yourself of the negative energy. I recommend a juicer. or high speed blender so you can consume a lot of leafy greens. Personally I use both.

So learn to enjoy life without fearing it! Like Robin Williams said, in Dead Poets Society (where a socially anxious Ethan Hawke, too, learned courage), carpe diem!