Should You Invest in a Sleep Bracelet?

10% to 30% of the American population suffers from insomnia. Many more people have more mild issues getting to sleep.

The thought that millions of people are struggling to get rest alarms us for the reason that sleep is the foundation for so much during waking hours. Being well-rested makes you a safer driver, a better communicator, more apt to perform at work, and so much more.

How can one drastically improve their sleep without taking potentially harmful medications? According to some, the answer is sleep bracelets.

If you’ve never heard of a sleep bracelet or if you have and are wondering if they’re worth purchasing, keep reading. In this post, we break down everything you need to know.

What Is a Sleep Bracelet?

You’re not likely to try sleep bracelet technology before you know what you’re buying into. So, in short, a sleep bracelet is a standard bracelet you place around your wrist before bed that sports a metal plate. That plate is said to channel the earth’s natural frequencies in such a way that it can stimulate your body’s ability to produce melatonin.

Given that melatonin is the natural element that induces sleep, increased production means faster, longer, and more quality sleep cycles.

Do Sleep Bracelets Actually Work?

There is no scientific study that definitely proves the sleep bracelet’s efficacy. What we can tell you is that some people have anecdotal evidence to claim sleep bracelets are revolutionary.

These stories have made sleep bracelets among the best gifts for sleep as far as sales are concerned.

Many people feel that if sleep bracelets do work, it’s more due to the placebo effect rather than frequencies from the earth inducing Melatonin production.

The Question of Cost

Sleep bracelets are made by various manufacturers and as such, can vary steeply in cost. Based on what we’ve seen, your average sleep bracelet that looks to be well put together and is backed by reasonable return policies will run a couple of hundred dollars. We’ve seen some go for as high as $500.

That represents a steep investment but could be worth it if the bracelet can produce results for wearers.

Our Verdict

Sleep bracelets are comfortable wearables that are meant to help people get to sleep and stay that way. While we can’t find anything to suggest that these bracelets are based on any sort of real science, some people suggest they work.

If you purchase a bracelet and enjoy positive results, then the purchase will have been well worth it as few things are as important as sleep. If you purchase the bracelet and find that it doesn’t work… well… you’ll want to make sure you can return it given its steep cost.

Only you can decide whether the best sleep bracelet on the market can change your life. As you move down that path of discovery, we welcome you to read more of the helpful content we have available on our blog.