If you are thinking of getting HRT, you may have heard of bioidentical hormone therapy. What is HRT? And what are some of its benefits?

Bioidentical hormone therapy (HRT) is the use of synthetic hormones, which are chemically identical to the hormones that your body produces naturally. These synthetic hormones can help women with menopause or hormone disorders, because they mimic the exact chemical makeup of hormones that are found in your body.

Why might you want to take HRT?

There are many advantages to this form of therapy, but perhaps the most important of them all is the fact that it is completely safe and free of any side effects. Bioidentical hormone therapy is exactly identical to your body’s naturally occurring hormones. It is made from all natural plant sources. Bioidentical hormones come from compounding pharmacies by specially combining different compounds that are found in your body.

Women who have menopause experience a variety of symptoms, some of which include hot flashes, depression and mood swings. Many of these women would benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy, as it helps relieve some of these symptoms. Some of the many advantages of this form of therapy include:

The American Academy of Clinical Endocrinology is the only medical association in North America that accredits the practice of bioidentical hormone therapy. They have also set stringent standards for the compounding of these hormones, making sure that they are safe and effective.

Their mission is to educate endocrinologists and other professionals about their patients’ needs and the best ways to treat their diseases. Many people suffering from diseases such as diabetes and obesity have benefited from the Dallas anti-aging specialists.

Low sex drive is a difficult thing for many people. This is not only due to physical problems, but also due to emotional and psychological factors. It can be caused by hormones, stress and even aging. Women who have hormonal imbalances are not able to achieve or maintain an active sex life. For this reason, many doctors recommend bioidentical hormone therapy as a way of increasing a woman’s sex drive and reducing pain and other symptoms that are associated with female menopause.

Pellet therapy is one of the most popular forms of bioidentical hormone therapy Dallas. Patients choose to receive this form of treatment because of its ease of use. The pellets are pre-manufactured and sent to a pharmacy. Patients fill out a couple of forms and then return to their pharmacies to pick up the pellets. Patients do not need a prescription in order to receive this type of treatment; however, some pharmacies do require a valid medical insurance policy for patients receiving best treatments.