Overcoming The Challenges Of Incorporating Stairlifts

Stair Lift Types and Configurations

For those with minimal mobility, stair lifts function as important tools in this movement towards house adjustment. Setup of a stair lift enables them to move their multi-level house easily, permitting them to proceed living independently, and reducing worry among themselves and family members. A range of stairlift Singapore product types exist, which can be developed into a variety of arrangements to meet the needs of consumers.

Seated stairlifts for curved staircases

If a stairlift goes around an edge, it’s classified as curved. Curved stairlifts need bespoke curved rails to fit the exact form of your staircase, so they’re more expensive. As a rough guide, each extra corner increases the preliminary price.

Platform Stair Lift

A system stair lift can be fitted for straight or curved stairs and is intended for people who are in wheelchairs or use other mobility gadgets, such as walkers. This type of stair lift has either an open platform or a confined platform. Open system stair lifts have doors, sides or guardrails while encased platform stair lifts look like a residence lift, however both types are huge enough to transport 2 individuals.

Weight Capacity

You will always wish to think about who will be using the stairlift when making your purchase. The stairlift you pick will depend on who will utilize the stairlift. If the stairlift will be made use of by more than one person, it’s a good idea to choose a design with the highest possible weight capacity. This suggests it will have the ability to satisfy more individuals.


If you do make a decision to acquire a stairlift, you will require to remember that routine servicing will be called for to ensure its safety and security and durability.

User friendly controls

The majority of stairlift controls are user-friendly and can be established on either side of the lift, depending on whether you are right or left-handed. The best means of acquainting oneself with the various kinds, and how they work, is to request to have a go at one out at a disabled living centre, local mobility centre or a producer exhibit.

Alternatively, if you know someone with a stairlift, ask them if you can try it and talk to them regarding their experience. Their needs will not be specifically the same as yours, however you’ll get an idea of what the advantages and disadvantages could be.

Bridging Platform

Doors on top of the stairs that could be obstructive– although this doesn’t generally present a serious trouble. If the configuration of your staircase is straight generally, however contours right on top, you might have the ability to get a straight stairlift plus a ‘bridging platform’ to enable the lift to reach the landing. Stairlifts normally operate on batteries that reenergize instantly when the stairlift returns to its parking area and charger.