Is Gripe Water A Remedy for Colic and Other Infant Problem

Crying is normal for infants and newborn babies. They usually spend 2-3 hours of their day crying. Although it is typical for them to cry, it is distressing for anyone to see these small angels bawling. Sometimes, babies cry for no reason, but other times, their tears are trying to tell you something.

Crying is a way for babies to express what they are feeling. It is a form of communication for them.  Nobody other than a parent can recognize why the baby is crying. They instantly know whether their little one is hungry, sleepy or want them to cuddle with them.

Sometimes, your little one is bawling their eyes out despite being changed and well-fed. It may be an indicator of problems like teething or colic. The good news is you can find many colic relief remedies on the market. Dr. A.W. Chase Medicine Company has been helping parents since the early 1900s and offers a line of herbal remedies for babies. Dr. A.W. Chase Medicine Company also has a unique nighttime, alcohol-free sleep aid for children.

However, before reaching any conclusion, you have to figure out the correct reason why your infant or newborn is crying. So, here are some most evident reasons for infants and newborns bawling.

Reasons for infant crying

With some sleuthing and common sense, you may figure out why they are bawling and can control your baby. The foremost reasons for an infant to cry include –

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep habits
  • Allergies
  • Colic
  • Reflux

Excessive crying and fussiness stress the infant-family relationship. Parents look for ways or remedies to soothe their kids because they worry their child is in discomfort or they are not taking good care of them. Some parents find their solution with the use of gripe water, an herbal remedy. Let us talk about this efficient remedy, so read on till the end.

First, let us know what gripe water is and other ways to soothe the babies.

What is gripe water?

You can find numerous products in the market claiming to relieve colic symptoms in infants. At the same time, your concern about some ingredients in these products is evident. If you want to use any remedy to soothe your little one and look for the safer one, gripe water is the solution.

It is a liquid herbal solution sold at pharmacies, grocery stores and health food stores. Retailers sell gripe water to parents as a solution to colic, easing gas and other ailments in babies. The remedy has many variations. However, most formulas contain a combination of numerous herbs, such as ginger, fennel, and dill. Your little one is more likely to experience discomfort when unable to pass gas.

Some infants cry for many hours over days or weeks. The herbs in  gripe water can help with digestion and are found in baby colic medicine. The remedy helps with gassiness due to colic. Some gripe water  remedies are formulated to make it more palatable. At the same time, some of them also have alcohol used to extract the active herbal ingredients. The remedy  can also help with hiccups and teething pain.