Can Water Deficiency in Body Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

It is said that major portion of your body is made up of water and this is one of the reasons why doctors always advice to keep the body hydrated. Water intake is very necessary for the body because there are many processes and body systems that require water to carry on their work efficiently. Deficiency of water in the body leads to severe stoppage of many body systems and processes and if the body is kept dehydrated for a longer period of time the person dies.

So the importance of water for body is similar to need of air to stay alive. The functions of body are comprises of many systems and processes and any disruption in any of the body system or process the outcomes are not good for the person. Erectile dysfunction is one such bodily disorder which is related with disruption of a body system or a process.

There are some underlying medical conditions which disrupt the body system and the person start to experience erectile dysfunction. There are some psychological factors which leads to disruption of some body processes and the person start to experience erectile dysfunction. So by now you must have understood that in order to make the body function properly everything is required to be in close synchronization.

Today we will be evaluating whether dehydration can be the cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

A dehydrated state can lead to symptoms of low blood pressure and fast heart rate and both of these are behind medical conditions which affect erection of a man. Erection is not just about getting hardness of the penis but there are several elements needed to achieve and maintain an erection. Even a slight breakdown in any of the steps may lead to erectile dysfunction symptoms. This is because during the sexual arousal process the brain send message to supply more blood to penis chambers and if a body is dehydrated the process gets disrupt and the person don’t achieve complete erection and maintain it.

Dehydration causes blood volume to go down and thus the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to penis chambers becomes constricted because there is not enough blood available to keep the vessels tense. To prove it, there have been certain studies done which suggests that when a person is dehydrated, his body release enzyme angiotensin I in excess amount. The enzyme is known to constrict blood vessels.

Dehydration also affects the mood of a person and if the body is kept dehydrated for a longer time period symptoms like impaired memory, anxiety and stress develops. All of these are known to be psychological factors which leads to erectile dysfunction.

So if you keep your body hydrated you can avoid erectile dysfunction to certain extent. If you somehow develop erectile dysfunction take help of doctor. There are medicines like generic Cialis that can help treat erectile dysfunction. But severity of erectile dysfunction cannot be treated with Cialis generic or medicine because then surgical procedure like penile implants and vascular surgery are the only option left.