How to Stop Yourself from Wearing Too Much Make-Up

Good intentions laid out the road to the bath guided by a logical desire to mask imperfections as best as possible. You add volume to the eyelashes and lips, experiment with a hairstyle – sometimes we overdo it with the beauty products, which can harmful for your skin as well. Moreover, if you’re one of those who care way too much about the environment and is against animal testing then you might even feel guilty sometimes while applying it. Can you relate? Yes! But don’t worry anymore because now cruelty-free makeup is new in fashion and also great for the planet and the life on earth. But even if you are here just to know how you can minimize down your habits of putting on too much make up then worry not scroll down:


A dense layer of foundation or powder on the face and concealer under the eyes, a too dark artificial tan – all this doesn’t make us more beautiful, but in fact older. Dampen a cotton pad or beauty blender (a less advanced sponge is also suitable) with micellar water and gently pat your face without rubbing it. The formula of the remover will dissolve the cosmetics, and the excess will “stick” to the dry napkin.


If the blush turned out like that of parsley, use the previous method, or do the following. If you use a compact blush, put a little powder on the brush and apply it on the cheekbones until the blush becomes the saturation you need. If you prefer blush in the form of a cream, gel or stick, mask yourself with a foundation.


Wide dark eyebrows are a sign of our time, but there should be a measure in everything. If the shade turned out much darker than the hair roots, use this recommendation. Comb the eyebrows with a clean mascara brush, moving from the base to the peak, and then from peak to tip of the eyebrow. All the excess will remain on the brush, regardless of whether you have raised eyebrows with shadows or a pencil. Replacement option: dip a cotton swab into makeup remover and go through the arcs against hair growth. Now blot with a cotton pad or napkin and paint the eyebrows again, better than before.


Cilia often stick together after applying the mascara, if the product is still completely fresh, or you went too far with the layers. In this case, you can leave everything as it is: the effect of “spider legs” in this season is very relevant. If such extremes are not for you, apply a lip balm to the eyelash brush or eyebrow brush (in a jar or tube, it does not matter). Then, before the eyelashes have yet to dry, gently comb them from the roots. If mascara crumbles under your eyes, gently brush it off with a dry brush.


If, during applying the perfect cat eyeliner, the hand trembled and the line turned out to be not perfect, or maybe eyeliner was printed on the eyelid, your own fingers will help: warm fingertips easily erase fresh traces. If the liner has already dried, moisten a cotton swab in micellar water and remove the “errors”. If the trace is still noticeable, soak another cotton swab with a tonal base and press it to the desired place. Finally, powder with a small eyelid brush to finish the look.


You applied shadow and realized that the contour of the shading was uneven, or the area of ​​application expanded to the eyebrows? Put a little concealer on a cotton swab and retouch the corners. Is the color too bright? Take a brush to blend the shadows, powder your eyelids and blend.


Few of us cannot afford lip fillers and try to achieve what we want with the help of lipstick. If you went – literally – too far, and the lipstick was beyond the lip contour more than a millimeter allowed by makeup artists, use the advice on correcting uneven edges. True, since the lipstick is oilier than the eyeliner, you can skip the stage with a remover and immediately use the foundation and outline it around your lips with a brush.


When there is too much lipstick or gloss on your lips, get ready to hear “You have lipstick on your lips.” Fortunately, everything is easy to fix without waiting for prompts from observant colleagues and friends. Just hold the corner of a clean napkin in your lips and press it to remove the excess.


If you applied too much serum to your hair and it looks greasy now. You don’t have time to wash your hair last minute. In general, if you don’t have an extra hour, use a dry shampoo. Still not getting the desired result? Then take some translucent powder, gently rub it in the palms of your hands and rub it into the scalp and hair. Both products instantly absorb the excess. Lastly, comb the hair.


New products of recent seasons, indelible conditioners and hair creams can make strands heavier if you apply even a drop more than the recommended instructions. Save yourself again with dry shampoo. In addition, the layering of these two products gives excellent styling: styling becomes voluminous and textural without much effort.


The reverse situation – too much dry shampoo – can visually make your hair dry and dull, not to mention the gray hair effect. If this happens, sprinkle hair with spray oil, wait a few minutes and carefully comb out the remnants of dry shampoo. A wide makeup brush (ideally kabuki) and a hairdryer will do without oil. Aim the hairdryer at the hair roots, brush off the white powder with a brush.

“Perfecting” base, foundation, concealer, fixing powder, blush, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner – all this adds up to a sublime layering. But what are the consequences for our skin and mucous membranes?


The foundation, due to its composition, can have a comedogenic effect. Despite careful makeup removal, the residue can be caught in the pores and clogged them. This causes blackheads, pimples, skin reactions.


All new cosmetics are contaminated with bacteria when they come into contact with air and skin. The more makeup is used, the more the contacts are multiplied, and the more microorganisms proliferate. We increase this exposure tenfold if we do not respect the expiration dates of cosmetics. As a result, we risk infections. Our colleagues from the list also indicate that it is important not to lend your makeup utensils at the risk of contracting ailments.


The more we stress our skin the more it loses its elasticity, its collagen, and we have to work hard in the anti-aging field. Applying makeup daily tends to accentuate premature skin aging. The thin and delicate skin around the eyes and mouth are the first affected. In addition, a vicious circle can take place. While we try to camouflage certain imperfections, these can be even more visible. The excess makeup is lodged in the furrows of wrinkles or pimples.


One of the most common mistakes is to use the same makeup in summer and winter. However, the needs of the skin are not the same during the cold season. Applying too much matte and powdery finish to the face and lips can cause drying.


The fact of doing a lot of makeup necessarily leads to increased use of make-up remover and cotton to remove excess. This then keeps on adding up layers over the makeup also leading to more congested pores. Excess of everything is never beneficial and in fact, in most cases it is harmful. Similarly, applying too much makeup and for too long can lead to serious skin issues like acne. As our skin is porous, it needs to breathe as well to remain healthy. Moreover, less is more in this case. However, you should feel beautiful in your own skin and accept your flaws instead of hiding them.