A Few Misconceptions about a Rhinoplasty

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Folks have many misinterpretations about plastic surgery and oversimplified theories. Many people link the field with the plastic material, but in actual, the word is derived from the Greek word “to mold”. Almost all plastic surgery has some cosmetic components, but restoration is the subject of many procedures. The reconstructive procedure restores the natural look of a nose, while the cosmetic procedure rectifies a nose on normal. The same goes for a rhinoplasty Toronto. Here are some myths about nose job:

  • It’s really easy to just take the bump off, right?

In all plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty is the most difficult and challenging procedure. The nose should not only match the face, but also every part of the nose should be in harmony with each other. To epitomize, in many situations, when a bump is eliminated without moving the tip, it may make the nose tip look like it’s sticking out too far from the face. A rhinoplastic surgeon needs to take great care of the details and appreciate all the nuances of facial and nasal harmony.

  • Rhinoplasty is covered by a medical insurance

Medical insurance never covers a cosmetic rhinoplasty. However, when there is a practical aspect such as difficulty in breathing from a deviated septum or any other cause, the insurance plan will cover this part of your surgery.

  • Nose jobs are usually noticeable

Clearly, work which has not been done properly can seem awkward or look “finished” – the pinched or turned tip is the common example. In previous years, the nose cartilage was usually diminished or removed, which can lead to poor respiration and appearance. On the other hand, a successful rhinoplastic procedure gives a natural appearance that directs people’s attention to the face, eyes, hair, and skin of the patient.

  • My nose can look like any celebrity’s nose of my choosing

A potential rhinoplastic patient can have realistic expectations. The visage and face of each person are different. The nose of Brad Pitt wouldn’t look nice on every man’s face and nor it is achievable. So, your nose must suit your face, personality, ethnicity, etc.

  • Any plastic surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty

No, it’s not true. Not all plastic surgeons can perform a rhinoplasty because the differentiation of just a millimeter can make a huge difference in the consequence. It should be done by a professional trained and experienced surgeon. The expert surgeons are usually qualified for facial surgery and reconstruction procedures (and have a special interest in rhinoplastic treatment).