8 Cosmetic Items Every Girl Must Own

It doesn’t even matter if you’re starting to put on makeup or if you already master the art of contouring. We don’t always know which cosmetics we really need, which ones we need to buy and which ones are not essential. For instance, Hyaluronic acid serum can help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A good makeup changes the appearance of any person, and a bad one can ruin everything. To avoid this last situation and look radiant at any time of the day, it is important that you have a basic cosmetic kit that you can take anywhere.

The miraculous concealer

The concealers are super important to hide those little imperfections that have come out or maybe that rebel granite. Many don’t know how to use it. Here we are going to give you a few options.

  • Yellow concealer: Hides purple and dark blue circles
  • Green concealer: Covers granites and redness
  • Pink concealer: conceals yellow spots and brown tones
  • Purple concealer: Covers yellow or orange spots
  • Blue concealer: Covers spots or freckles
  • Orange concealer: conceals spots, dark circles and freckles

Tanner – Bronzer and Illuminator

Although it is basic in the bag, most of them may not have a clear function. The tanning powders are used to give a touch of warmth and dimension to our face. If we apply it in the cheek holes, we will be able to contour it.

The illuminator increases the glow on the face. It seems like there is light on the particular areas of the face. On the other hand, bronzer provides a tanning effect on the skin.

Mask for water eyelashes

The mask of ‘waterproof’ eyelashes or eyelashes against water, avoid the undesirable “raccoon eyes”. These also help to curl the eyelashes and give volume.

The waterproof mask is one of our infallible as it will prevent the makeup from being disarmed in case it rains, if you have an incident with the water, or finally if you have somewhat oily eyelid skin and eyelids.

Eyelash curler

Eyelash curler provides shape and volume to the eyelashes. You just need to be careful while you push and avoid pushing it too hard. Since a harder push may break it. In case you don’t love the curling, you can also change it.

Mini-set of brushes

Having the right tools is the key to the perfect theme of makeup. Choose to carry a pocket set and use it properly to touch up your makeup anywhere.


Didn’t you sleep well? Do you feel that you are pale? Well, the blush is an inevitable year-round. This product helps our face to light up and make us look less pale and tired. Combined with a beautiful smile, you will look very radiant, and nobody will notice your sleepless!

The basic function of blush is to color the cheeks or any other part of the skin. It is often applied in a little quantity on the nose and chin as a cream or powder. It is available in different shades in the market. If your skin is oily or prone to acne, use a mineral blush that allows you to breathe. If your skin is dry, the cream blush works great.

Rice paper

Do those times of heat, excessive sweat or nerves make you sweat, and your skin looks oily and shiny? Well, this kind of shine by sweating doesn’t look good at all. That is the main reason to put inevitable rice paper on the list.

Eye, these sheets are not only for oily skin. They protect the life of all skin types, especially when we sweat and we must get rid of it without getting dirty makeup.

BB Cream with makeup

The initials BB come from the term “Blemish Balm”. It means something like “anti balm imperfections”. A BB cream will help us to activate the skin, moisturize it, give color and clarify it. The most important thing is that it has a high percentage of sun protection. Perfect no?

Multifunctional mirror

It may be difficult to find it, but a mirror with a brush included can save us in many cases.

Makeup base

The base is necessary for perfect makeup. The makeup base is the epitome to cover up imperfections of the skin, including scars on the face or color level of the face.

Ear corrector

The concealer or eye corrector is used to hide or cover the dark circles and expression lines. It is an important part of your cosmetic that shouldn’t be missed in the collection of your cosmetics.


Powder sets a foundation and applied to the face. Moreover, it can be applied at another half of the day to minimize the glossiness on the oily skin. Besides, it provides a more natural look to the face.


A major one is black eyeliner. This product highlight eye exposure and abundant eyelashes. Waterproof eyeliners in the form of handy marker, classic pencils or gel liners are best for admirers of eyes enhanced with a clear-cut line.


Do you want to highlight your look? Don’t miss out the shades and always keep them in your bag.


Mascara is decorative cosmetics designed to highlight and emphasize the change in natural eyelashes color. A vital constituent in the cosmetic kit is mascara. It is ideal when you intended to wear long eyelashes.


The most important part of the cosmetic is lipstick without which you can’t even go shopping. You must carry a red lipstick with you in your bag. It is perfect for any occasion.


Cosmetics have always been the go-to thing for girls to dazzle in any event. With these cosmetics in your bag, you’re always good to go no matter what event it is.